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23 January 2013 Students from ESSEC University in Bahrain for Business and Tourism visit

A delegation of the French ESSEC Business School visited Bahrain on Tuesday January 22, 2013, in the middle of a study trip organised by the students of the Executive Master « Strategies and management of international business ». The delegation comprising 35 students of masters of business studies from ESSEC University, of France, was on an academic visit intended to familiarize themselves with the AGU in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The day began by a visit and a series of talks by executives of BNP-Paribas Middle East. The Regional CEO, M. Jean-Christophe Durand, who presented the strategies developed by his bank to answer the specificities of the financial system in the GCC countries. The delegation then went to the Arabian Gulf University, within the French Arabian Business School, partner with ESSEC for its MBA program. After being welcomed by the Vice-President of the AGU and the Director of the FABS, the students were lectured on Islamic business by Professor Cedomir Nestorovic from ESSEC-Singapore. Islamic finance professionals, students and staff of the AGU also participated in the seminar.Professor Nestrovic who lectures at the ESSEC University's branch in Singapore and also lecturer at the Arab Institute in Paris will lecture on the subject of Islamic economy: from legend to reality. The director of the Arab Institute in Paris explained that this visit comes complementary to the academic partnership between the AGU and the ESSEC University which cooperates in running the masters of business studies program in the AGU.

The visit ended by a tour of the National Museum and  newly-opened Bahraini National Theatre , inaugurated by HRM King of Bahrain. The students expressed their greater appreciation of the rich cultural traditions of Bahrain, the architectural design, strategic location and the Annual Fine Arts Exhibition's paintings showcased at the National Theatre Hall.

Participation in the 43rd Fine Arts Exhibition Bahrain Map