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26 January 2013 The Ministry of Culture inaugurates its first Tourism project At Riffa Fort H.E: The real value of historical buildings lies in their incorporation within our present

Celebrations of Manama, as the Capital of Arab Tourism in 2013, organised by the Ministry of Culture, start its first theme season, “Cultural Tourism,” on Sunday January 27th at 05:30 pm at Shaikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort in Riffa area.
The Cultural Tourism includes the museum exhibitions related to the history of the Royal Family. The project embodies one of the tourist infrastructure projects, which are accomplished in the beginning of the tourist year with a generous patronage of the President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, His Highness Shaikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Al Khalifa. The Project represents a revival of Riffa Fort area, which enriches its historical location through museum and documentary exhibitions, as well as rehabilitating the place and reviving it through recalling its glorious history and embodying the reflection of the history of the place.

Marking the occasion, Minister of Culture, H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa stated, “Historical buildings cannot be erased from our memory, for they are recalled and revisited again through distinctive culture based on vision and touch to provide a pioneer instinct, revive the production of civilizations to reinforce the stories and events, and show its documentary and historical role to the world.” H.E
Minister of Culture pointed out that Riffa Fort combines a great civilized importance for it is considered an essential era documenting the life developments witnessed by the area. She also stressed that reviving such architectural places should be included in the infrastructure projects. H.E Sahikha Mai also said that "We have, throughout our Arab region, a rich historical heritage that should not be simply reduced to temples or shrines to be visited or contemplated upon.  In fact, the real value of these historical landmarks lies in their incorporation with our present in order to play an interactive and crucial role". H.E added.    

On the other hand, the French Company “La Meadows,” and the architects of “PAD,” designed an internal corner in the inner court of Riffa Fort, in which  they allocated an open fair which recalls the history of the Royal Family “Al Khalifa.” The interior of the fort is quite spacious and divided into chambers. This fort is one of the best places to feel the intensity of winds that blows over the desert sands during the nights. The fort overviews the  beautiful  Al Haneenia wadi (dry river bed) in a complete harmony between history and environment. 

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