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26 August 2013 Minister of Culture Receives architect Baqshan
Minister of Culture Receives architect Baqshan

As literature knows no frontiers and geography melts down,   H.E   Minister of Culture, Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, received  on Monday ( 26 August) the Chairman of Saudi Buqshan Group, Engineer Abdullah Buqshan to discuss joint  Bahraini - Saudi heritage and humanitarian projects , and review  the  archaeological and cultural sites in both countries.

H.E Minister of Culture stressed the need to protect the archaeological sites and renovate urban structures for they represent a documentation technique symbolizing the Gulf region cultural  identity. The Minister of Culture pointed to the significance of  Pearl Route Project: Testimony an Island Economy, which  that summarizes the human experience of the Bahraini sailors  during the pearl  diving season , adding that  the Kingdom of Bahrain, last year, succeeded to convince UNESCO members to put  the site on the World Heritage List. The idea behind the Pearl Route project is to take visitors on a physical tour of Muharraq that tells the story of the pearl diving industry, starting at the seafront, winding through the old streets of Muharraq and taking in the souq along the way. As part of the project, traditional houses in the area will be refurbished, a path will be built linking a fishing museum to the historic fort, oyster beds will be restored and visitors will be able to try pearl diving for themselves, and there are also plans to redesign Muharraq souq (Souq Al Qaisariya).To qualify, Muharraq has proved to every visitor and tourist that it has outstanding universal value and that it tells a story of the development of humanity in the region

Given his numerous activities and works centered around archaeology and history in the region of  Hadramaut, Yemen, architect, Abdullah  Buqshan reviewed the most important historical sites. Mr. Buqshan  invited the Minister of Culture to visit the historical sites in Hadramout, where his activities are centered, to be acquainted with the Saudi experience in this regard.

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