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28 August 2013 Culture Minister Receives a Delegation from the Jaafari Endowments
Culture Minister Receives a Delegation from the Jaafari Endowments

H.E  Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, Minister of Culture,  received on Tuesday 27 August a delegation from the Jaafari Endowments( Awqaf Directorate), headed by  its Board of Directors Chairman Shaikh Mohsen Al-Asfoor, Mr. Ali Al-Haddad, Director of Jaafari Endowments, accompanied two engineers working at the Architecture Department of the Jaafari Endowments  and the Head of Financial and Administrative Affairs. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Alaa Habachi, Restoration Advisor and Layla Al-Ali, Development Expert, both working at the Ministry of Culture. H.E Minister if Culture,  reviewed with the delegation ways of coordinating efforts regarding heritage projects and cultural and historical achievements.

Both parties discussed ways and means  to enhance cooperation in heritage urban projects, in particular the Khamis Mosque’s Visitors Centre which documents the Islamic urban heritage and stands as a testimony to the  region’s rich history. Believed to be the first mosque built in Bahrain, Al-Khamis Mosque holds tremendous importance to the local community. Both sides discussed the future plans regarding the establishment of a cultural, development and urban trail, which would connect the mosque with Al-Khamis school, known as Mubaraka Al-Alawiya school. The trail will take into account the unique components of this gorgeous site, namely Ain Bu Zudan water spring and the surrounding fields. Representing the mystic charm of the Middle East, Al-Khamis Mosque provides an extraordinary sightseeing experience for the traveller, where ancient inscriptions dating back to the 11th century can still be seen.  It is an architectural masterpiece, it also features an Islamic cemetery, where a large of number of inscribed gravestones could be found. The guests also discussed topics such as  investing in the land plot located north of Al- Khamis Mosque, by turning it into a parking lot for  visitors of the Centre, which is planned by  the Culture Ministry in the coming period.

During this meeting, both sides  also reviewed plans to renovate, restore and  revamp Buri Mosque and the develop the old village surrounding it. They also reviewed the  cooperation project between the Ministry of Culture and Jaafari Endowments( Awqaf Directorate),  with regard to the  registration of  ancient tombstones allover Bahrain’s graveyards. H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa, Minister of Culture also discussed with her guests the best means of investment in empty spaces around the Capital Manama, as part of the Ministry’s projects such as Bab-al-Bahrain and Old Souq  development projects. They all stressed the need to develop open spaces, including souks and old shops in order to boost folk heritage in accordance with high international standards.


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