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06 April 2014 Chinese Liaoning Ballet Tickets Go on Sale
Chinese Liaoning Ballet Tickets Go on Sale

As spring flowers burst with color, splashing the nation’s capital with their delicate beauty, artists of all types spring to life with their own works of art showcased through festivals and events during the “ Spring of Culture “ festival until April 10th . From fancy kite craftsmen, to filmmakers, to musicians, Manama arts scene is never more alive than during the spring season. Let these upcoming events add a splash of color to your day. The Organizing Committee would like to inform the public in Bahrain that Tickets for China’s award-winning Liaoning Ballet at the Bahrain National Theatre on 10th of April are on sale now at Virgin Megastore at Bahrain City Centre and online at

The concert comes as part of the Chinese Cultural Week activities, which will continue with the Liaoning Ballet, widely recognized as the preeminent group of its kind in China.

this dance troupe, widely recognised as one of the finest of its kind in China, will be performing a selection of balletic masterpieces with a distinctly Chinese flavour. Its talented dancers are set to perform select ballet masterpieces, with a distinctly Chinese flavor. Established in 1980, the Liaoning Ballet’s performances are charged with the spirit of exploration and innovation, illustrating the value of ballet as an artistic medium.

It is worth mentioning that the Spring of Culture Festival will run until 14th April. This ballet concert will be the last event to be performed on National Theatre stage this year, after  a number of international cultural and artistic activities and events have been organized on its stage. The Spring of Culture Festival succeeded to attract all ages and  different segments of Bahraini society,  as well as tourists visiting Bahrain for these special events.

Earlier, H.E. Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, said: “We believe that the Spring of Culture will give the people of Bahrain the opportunity to experience new things through art, music, and dance, as we celebrate our capital, Manama, the city of Asian tourism and arts this year.”


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