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16 February 2014 Press Release: Spring of Culture Festival…a Heralding Rainbow
Press Release: Spring of Culture Festival…a Heralding Rainbow

The secret language of color travels from outer space to Earth, from plants to animals to humans. The nature of rainbows, animals with color vision far superior and far inferior to our own, how our language influences the colors we see, and much more. The Ministry of Culture and the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) announced the colors of the “Rainbow” program details of the 9th Spring of Culture festival, which will include a number of cultural and artistic activities and events. The announcement was made during a press conference by H.E. Shaikha Mai bint Mohammad Al Khalifa, Minister of Culture and H.E. Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Acting Chief Executive, Economic Development Board, in the presence of intellectual and culture lovers and journalists.

Speaking during the press conference, H.E. Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, said: “ The Ministry of Culture will use this year's Asian Tourism City and Year of Art festivals to unite Bahrainis in a celebration of hope, love and optimism for their country. As planned, the year-long events will honor rich cultural heritage and civilizations of the whole world”. The Minister added saying "We believe that the Spring of Culture will give the people of Bahrain the opportunity to experience new things through art, music, and dance, as we celebrate our capital, Manama, the city of Asian tourism and arts this year." H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa also commented on celebrating ten years of Spring of Culture festival next year, saying “ We will celebrate with our partners ten years of this festival of culture; symbolic of joy, hope, youth and all things fanciful, Spring is the greatest season of all”. The Minister lauded the support and cooperation between the Ministry of Culture, and Mr. Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Acting Chief Executive of the Economic Development Board (EDB), thanking all her partners; Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture & Research, Al-Bareh Art Gallery, Al-Riwaq Art Gallery and La Fontaine Gallery.

H.E Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Acting Chief Executive of the Economic Development Board (EDB), said: "Culture reflects the most beautiful and glamorous image of Kingdom of Bahrain and its rich culture. The program of this year’s festival will contain high level cultural events and host international artists and present local young Bahraini talents which will attract all segments of society as well as tourists visiting Bahrain for these special events. This outstanding success of the festival is reflected by the fruitful cooperation and coordination between all Parties, sponsors and actors ".

Indeed, the festival’s 9th edition truly is a feast for the senses and a dynamic celebration of art in all its diverse forms with the combination of Our Year Of Art and Manama: Capital of Asian Tourism programmes for 2014. For the next two months, our many historic and culture sites come alive with local, regional and international flavors. From Mohammed Abdo and Eric Clapton’s notable voices at the picturesque Arad Fort, to José Carreras and the Liaoning Ballet’s power performances at the National Theatre, our lineup is charged with cultural icons in music, theatre, dance, opera and much, much more. With unique cultural performances of Bahraini Folk Music at the highly anticipated Tree of Life Visitor Center opening to daily shows at the lively Weaving Colors week, Bahrain’s heritage is more prominently featured than ever! This year’s special exhibitions also include popular artists Abdulla Al Muharraqi and Ebrahim Busaad, whose contributions to the artistic scene ensure that they remain favorites for generations to come. Family-friendly festivities promise a variety of cultural experiences from around the world with imaginative performances from the Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe and Festival Aix’s Child and the Magic Spells, catering to audiences across all ages and backgrounds and creating educational and multicultural events and opportunities. In this “ Rainbow” popular festival events and concerts there will surely cherry blossoms and gardens in any heaven that might exist. Spring of Culture in Bahrain is a poignant symbol of hope that suffering is not ever-lasting and that beauty, peace and joy exist.

In fact, the festival will last for two months and the program will include:
Five Hundred Year of Islamic Calligraphy - Masterpieces from Sakip Sabanci Museum (Turkey), will start in January and continue through to 13th April at the Bahrain National Museum. Souq Bab Al Bahrain will continue to offer local designers the chance to present their merchandise and products from 1st March – 29th March at the gate of the old Manama souq. Art Market will be held at Bab al Bahrain for two days from 13 to 15th March and 10th to 12th April and will host local artists to present their work
The program will include music concerts for Michael Fadel from Lebanon and the Arab Idol talent, Ahmed Jamal 5th March will feature a concert for the Grammy award winner, Ramsey Lewis, the American jazz composer and pianist along with seven-time Grammy winning singer and song writer, Philip Bailey who will perform at Arad Fort.

Rock star Eric Clapton concert will be held 8th March at Arad Fort, a concert for Arabic artist, Mohammed Abdo will be held at the Arad Fort. Performance of Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and other kids stories by Canada’s Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia at the Alumni Club from the 27th to 30th March. The Turkish dancing band, " The Fire of Anatolia" will perform at the Arad fort and will band will include 64 professional dancers. The Chinese culture week which is organized in cooperation with the Chinese embassy, will feature the Silk Road exhibition and will be held 10th to 19th April. Liaoning Ballet of China will also perform at the festival; the band was established since 1980 and considered to be one of the leading Chinese dancing bands. The Family event China National Acrobatic Troup will continue to entertain the attendees of the festival at Arad on 20th 21st and 22nd March. Japanese Maki-e exhibition will be held between 2nd March – 6th April. An Opera concert for the legend Jose Carreras.The 16th Bahrain international book fair will be held between 27th March until 6th April.

The 22nd Heritage Festival will be held during the Spring of Culture and as part of its program this year, the Festival will focus on fabric manufacturing and Bahraini traditional outfits, and will include an exhibition and market for the designers to offer their traditional products.

In addition, Bait Alqous’s "The diving house" will be opened in 13th April. One of the 16th locations in Muharraq which represents the pearl road, Bait Alqous will feature an exhibition to present the lifestyle traditional Bahraini pearl divers. Ebrahim bin Saad Gallery will also be opened at the same day as well.

The festival will also include the opening of a photo exhibition for six professional photographers who were in Manama last year to capture the capital as they see it.
Educational workshops will be held during the festivals for young talents to enhance their skills, the workshops will be offered free of charge for people who sign up in advance and will feature international artists and bands such as " The very hungry caterpillar" band and the Chinese Aerobatic band. Further to that, workshops will be offered in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Royal Charity Organization, and Arabian Gulf University, including: Week-long sand painting art workshop by Indian artist, Kardashian Batick Theatre expert, Dalal Makari will host three workshops focusing on theatre and acting. The talents program organized by the EDB in cooperation with Al Bareh art gallery will continue this year, which will host international artists and experts who will provide support and guidance to local Bahraini talent.

As spring brings variety and change, it remains the symbol of hope. In Bahrain, in Culture Spring festival, all creation becomes full of joyful vitality, but truly everything is singing and dancing for love.

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