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27 March 2014 Cairo Nights” Music Concert As part of Book Fair Guest of Honor
Cairo Nights” Music Concert As part of Book Fair Guest of Honor

Kicking off the fair, a musical concert was held on 27th March 2014 , presenting one of the most renowned musical bands in the modern Egyptian art history. On the day of inauguration, Egyptian band Sharara Sextet entertained the audience with a concert of oriental music at 7pm.”Sharara Sextet enthralled the audience by performing the best of veteran Egyptian musician Atiya Sharara’s 66 years’ of oriental music.

Music band Sharara Sextet from Egypt presented an enchanting musical concert as part of the opening of 16th Bahrain International Book Fair. The concert featured a mix of beautiful traditional music and modern classics.
Indeed, Sharara Sextet is one of Egypt’s oldest bands, and specializes in traditional musical heritage as well as more modern compositions.

The band is comprised of the sons and grandchildren of its founder Attia Sharara, as well as a number of other musicians on string (violin, cello, qanun, and contrabass), brass, and percussion instruments. The group was founded for the purpose of playing music composed and arranged by Attia Sharara over his career and preserving his legacy.

Sharara Sextet was founded by Egyptian composer and arranger Attia Sharara in 1980. The band won many awards, such as the State Encouragement Prize for composition in 1997, and another one in 2006, and he was granted the Art & Science Order from Sultan Qaboos of Oman. Sharara established many musical bands and institutes in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Jordan. He is widely recognized for his unique oriental style, which is characterized by their particularly sweet notes, and his ability to integrate many types of traditional tunes and rhythms in a single composition.


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