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07 May 2014 Visible Differences Exhibition Gathers 20 worldwide Female Artists
Visible Differences Exhibition Gathers 20 worldwide Female Artists

The Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in collaboration with the Royal Society of Fine Arts and the Provincial Council of Valencia, presented on Wednesday the 7th of may  the art exhibition “Visible Differences”, which showcase a rich collection of contemporary works by 20 female artists from Europe, South America and the Middle East at the Bahrain National Museum. The exhibition opened at 7pm on 7 May, and will be on display until 31 August.

Being interculturally competent means to be able to interact effectively (using linguistic and non-linguistic resources) with people from another country in a foreign language. This means, of course, to be able to overcome stereotypes (which are a real barrier for cultural understanding), to be empathic, to understand the otherness, to avoid and deal with misunderstandings and to have a certain willingness to learn with the purpose of knowing not only the other but also oneself. “Visible Differences “exhibition offers a board vision of the work of women in the world of contemporary art. The diversity of the participants, who come from different generations, nationalities, and places, presents a rich mosaic embodied in their interpretation of art. The show covers a broad spectrum of artworks by women from Europe, South America and Middle East, as well as works by renowned Valencian female artists reveal the anxieties and values of today’s society.

Starting at Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity (MUVIM) in Valencia, a group of female artists coming from different Latin American countries, Valencia and Middle East, the female artists held their first exhibition at the Jordanian National Museum of the Royal Fine Arts Society. Proving that art is universal and that artists share common values and concerns, 20 women from Latin America, Spain , Jordan and Bahrain display their works, different yet similar, at the Bahrain National Museum, introducing the viewer to a universe as diverse as their sensitivity. The artists came together in the exhibition “Visible differences”, which could be equally called visible parallels, as their preoccupations and artistic skill are clearly shared. “The fact that they are women is not going to make their work any better or worse; being female is a biological fact. But in this case it is also a symbol and a small tribute to the effort women from every part of the world and sphere of daily life have been making in recent years to make society more egalitarian…,” writes Maria Jesús Puchait Farinós, councillor for culture at the Provincial Council of Valencia, which collaborated in putting together this contemporary art show, in the booklet introducing the exhibition.

The artists participating at this exhibition are, Wijdan Al-Hashemi, Juman al-Nimri, Katia al Tal, Tetê de Alencar, Balqess Fakhro, Calra Amado, Rajwa Ali, Patricia Bentancur Brazilian Carolina Caliento, Claudia Casarino, Hala Al-Khalifa, Maribel Doménech, Carmela Gross, Dina Haddadin, Alfia Leiva, Ana Karina Lema Astray, Nazareth Patcheco, Ghadeer Saafeen, Paula Santigo and Brazilian Lina Wurzmann. These art works reflect a glance of the huge bulk of masterpieces creatively contemplated in countries bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

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