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19 May 2014 The Minister of Culture Minister Receives Buri Village Municipality Delegation
The Minister of Culture Minister Receives Buri Village Municipality Delegation

As part of its continuous efforts to preserve the urban heritage, an old mosque located in Buri area is to undergo a major revamp. H.E Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa, Minister of Culture, announced the plan as she received a delegation from Buri Village led by Nader Hassan. During this meeting, both sides also reviewed plans to renovate, restore and revamp Buri Mosque and the develop the old village surrounding it.

H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa, Minister of Culture, stressed the importance of such a historical urban heritage, announcing the Ministry’s intention to draw up the preliminary blueprint next month, stressing her desire to visit the village and inaugurate the project. H.E also said that a field visit is envisaged to take place to examine the historical buildings in the Buri area and its famous natural water springs.

The delegation included Hassan Mahfoudh, representative of the civil society, and Buri Villagers' Society Chairman Salman Abdulla gave a review of the historical importance of mosque, which reflects the collective memory of the village inhabitants. It is constructed in the traditional way by palm-tree trunks in 19th-century and it is a fine artistic expression in its own right. The iconic mosque, which covers 500 square metres, was first constructed in 1880s before it was revamped in 1998. The mosque hosts around 1000 worshipers daily.

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