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  • Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition 42

  • Heritage Festival 2015

  • The 41st Annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition

  • Qal’at Al Bahrain through the Ages

  • Heritage Festival 2014

  • The 40th Annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition

  • Bahrain National Museum

  • Bab al Bahrain

    Situated at the entrance of the Manama Suq, Bab al Bahrain was built in 1949 and housed the government offices at the time.
  • Bahrain Fort

    The fort is located atop hectare artificial hill that has been built over more than 4000 years of continuous occupation. It is the site of the former capital of Dilmun and one of the most archaeological sites in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort

    The Riffa Fort will be hosting a permanent exhibition on the history and traditions of the al Khalifa family.
  • Block 338

    Located in the heart of Adliya, Block 338 is a charming pedestrian quarter crammed with international restaurants, art galleries and small boutiques.
  • Bahrain Annual Exhibition for Fine Art 2013

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Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture 2018