Manama Capital of
Asian Tourism 2014

Manama Capital of Asian Tourism 2014


Manama is a city with dreams; Dreams carry within them the message of joy. It is a city that can sing, play music, dance, and discover life through the art and beauty that is all around us.Selected as the first-ever Capital of Asian Tourism in the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Forum in November 2013, Manama will showcase the amazingly wonderful diversity of the Asian continent through culture and art. As Asia’s preeminent tourism destination in Asian this year, Manama will be a home for one and all, creating bridges, opening opportunities, and bringing the people and civilizations of this great continent closer together along the way.


Official Launch of Manama Capital of Asian Tourism

Manama, a city known for embracing other nations and cultures and bringing them together, will hold a special press conference to mark the official launch of its year-long celebrations as the Capital of Asian Tourism. The press conference, organized by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be held at the Qala’at Al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) Site Museum. The event will highlight innovative and diverse local and Asian cultural and tourism activities planned over the course of the year, and conclude with a delightful performance by the Bollywood Masala Orchestra in the outdoor space next to the museum.


Forming New Asian Partnerships

In line with Manama’s selection as Capital of Asian Tourism 2014 and its “Year of the Arts” program, the Kingdom of Bahrain is forming new partnerships with Asian embassies in Bahrain to host special Asian cultural weeks on a monthly basis which highlight the countries’ arts. In parallel, major exhibitions will be held throughout the year from countries such as Turkey, China, Japan, and India. The Kingdom of Bahrain will also leverage this selection to promote its deep-rooted local culture and heritage by organizing Bahraini cultural weeks at its embassies across Asia.


Art of Manama Tour of Asia

Art is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures to convey its hidden messages and meanings. As part of its celebrations as the Capital of Asian Tourism 2014, Manama will embark on an Asian-wide tour to showcase a selection of artworks from some of the biggest names on the Bahraini arts scene which embody the spirit and identity of Bahrain’s culture and heritage.

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