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Rahbani Summer Night

27 - 28 September 2013
Bahrain National Theatre
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A live music concert created, produced and re-orchestrated by Ghady and Oussama Rahbani, featuring an assorted bouquet of songs from the rich repertoire of the Rahbani Brothers, of Mansour Rahbani, as well as of Elias, Marwan, Ghady and Oussama Rahbani. This live concert is performed by a constellation of music stars from the Rahbani School like: Ghassan Saliba, Ronza, Fadia El Hajj, Hiba Tawaji, Simon Obeid, Nader Khoury and Elie Khayat in addition to twenty vocalists, all accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine conducted by maestro Vladimir Sirenko. The concert also features solo piano performances by Oussama Rahbani and poetic interventions by Ghady Rahbani.

The Rahbani Summer Night presents the best of the Rahbani works in two acts, taking its audience on a journey to a beautiful past, a renewed present and an extended and shining future ahead.


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