Bahrain National

The Land of Immortality

Theater , Music & Abstract Dance
19 & 20 December 2013 8:00 Pm
Bahrain National Theatre
Minimum age
8 years and above
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The land of Dilmun is holy,

The land of Dilmun is pure

Let the sun bring Dilmun sweet water from the earth

Let Dilmun drink the water of abundance.

Let her springs become springs of sweet water

Let her fields yield her grain

Let her cities become the port of all the world


Bahrain’s National Theatre commemorates National Day and the conclusion of the Manama: Capital of Arab Tourism 2013program with an imaginative artistic production.  Inspired by the island’s rich history and Dilmun poetry, The Land of Immortality narrates the story of Khaled and Noora through modern dance and original music.  A theatrical journey through Bahrain’s unique cultural history in ‘The Land of Immortality,’ a contemporary production featuring members of Mohammed bin Faris Band and Ghada Shbeir at Bahrain National Theatre.

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