Bahrain National

ZADE DIRANI The Pearls of Bahrain Concert

4 April 2013, 8:00 - 10:00 pm
Bahrain National Theatre
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ZADE - Pearls of Bahrain, is a new, energetic musical celebration that will kick off the Sports season within the Manama, Capital of Arab Tourism 2013 program. The live performance blends Zade's powerful piano skills with pop music, oud and Arabic percussion.  The concert will feature the worldwide premier of his new song "Pearls of Bahrain" inspired by his recent trips.

Hailed as a “PIANO PRODIGY” by People Magazine, ZADE is a globally acclaimed, Top Selling Billboard Charting pianist and composer, and is widely considered to be Jordan’s preeminent cultural ambassador. ZADE’s electrifying performance will surely inspire the audience to follow their own dreams, and maximize their potential as he shares his signature style which blends Arabic, classical, Pop, and his piano with the beats of the DJ

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