Bahrain Authority
for Culture and Antiquities

Old Manama Suq

The Ministry of Culture is seeking to develop the Old Manama Suq as it represents one of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s most unique cultural and heritage landmarks.

The suq’s history spans over 80 years. Its more than 150 shops are constantly buzzing with trade activity, welcoming daily countless visitors and merchants from Bahrain, and of course tourists.

The merchants at the suq utilize a similar style to display their goods, and that is to put them in the storefront and its steps.

A wide variety of goods can be purchased at the suq, from cookware to colorful textiles, antiques, toys, accessories, leather bags, and much more.

Near the suq, craftsmen can be still seen plying their trade, including carpenters, blacksmiths, brass craftsmen, to name a few.

The Ministry of Culture has been keen to preserve the heritage and memory of this unique location, especially as the Old Manama Suq is also home to many traditional coffee shops and restaurants that serve Bahraini, Indian, and Persian dishes, some of which have been preparing the same items for well over half a century.

Among the truly special traditions visitors can observe at the Old Manama Suq is the tradition of people getting together on the benches in front of the shops to engage in casual conversations while sipping coffee and tea.

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