Rehabilitation of
Hedayah Al Khalefeyah

Rehabilitation of Hedayah Al Khalefeyah

Established in 1919 as the first modern girls school in Bahrain, the school was housed in a building on the Northern part of Muharraq. Built out of the best natural stones, sourced from Jid Island, the building was designed under the supervision of an Indian architect; the school planted the first seeds of modern education in Bahrain.

The building was originally composed of three wings separated by a central courtyard and was most probably build over two floors with a fourth wing added in early 1926. The building was emptied and renovated in the early 1990s, and the second floor of the building was then removed. The building is currently being restored by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to become a museum that will exhibit the history of education in the Kingdom. The ambition is that this important icon in the history of Bahrain, becomes once again a lively destination.


Location: Muharraq- Muharraq Governorate

Architects: Dr. Alaa Al Habashi in collaboration with Ewan

Status: ongoing

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