The 38th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition

Art is a transformative medium that promotes connectivity and elicits positive change and healthy investigation of various realms. It facilitates discussion, sharing and growth between people and transcends boundaries; art itself does not judge but allows all who engage with it the chance to develop.

It is this reason why Art seems to be a perfectly chosen theme for the first month of this year’s Manama, Capital of Arab Culture. There will be several events related to “Art” occurring this month, starting with the 38th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, focusing on the Woman. Bahraini artists-young and more mature- were given the chance to create works related to what they believe is the essence of woman in the contemporary social world, or to re-formulate preconceived notions of women. Since 1972 Bahrain has been promoting the empowerment of talent.

This year is no different as a committee has been selected to judge the 38th session headed by artist Shaikh Rashed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa along with Mr. James Koch from the Beyeler Foundation, Mr. Georges Ranunkel, Mr. Geoffroy De Farncony from Modern Art Exhibition in Paris and Mrs. Salwa Al Moqdadi, director of the Culture & Art Program from the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy. Other exhibitions opening on the same day are: the “5th International Sculpture Symposium” and “The Approach of Reality and the Color of the Dream” organized by the Arab World Institute, Paris and the Ministry of Culture. Later in the month a Jordanian Fine Art Exhibition will take place to mark the end of the celebration of the month of “Art”.

Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture 2018