Bahrain Annual
Fine Arts Exhibition

The Fine Arts Movement in Bahrain
The Cultural Achievement of the People of Bahrain

The fine arts movement in Bahrain is in a state of constant evolution, with artistic endeavors playing a leading role in the development of modern Bahraini culture. The achievements of this movement beautifully summarize of the accelerated progress of the Bahraini people’s creativity. Spearheaded by a collection of imaginative artistic pioneers, these achievements are a microcosm of the progress of the local arts scene in general, and a reflection of the profound potential of the Bahraini people in relation with their environment and how they choose to express that relationship through their art. A quick scan of these artists’ work reveals a cornucopia of cross-cultural influences, and contemporary schools of art express through a wide range of media as rich and nuanced as any arts movement elsewhere in the world.

The government’s support of culture in general, and fine arts in particular over the past 40 years through such events as the Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition, has fueled the proliferation of the arts, and helped uncover hidden talents that have contributed in big ways to further advancing this movement.   Another important catalyst have been the fine arts societies, leading the way on the grassroots level, and creating a strong synergy and solid foundation for the arts moving forward.

Moreover, the patronage over the years of HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister of Bahrain, of this exhibition and interest in the works exhibited therein and their artists further illustrated the government’s support of cultural development, as part of its overall drive to develop the nation’s human capital. 

The continuation of cultural achievements, such as the annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition, is key to setting new artistic standards regarding how to interpret these works, including how to select and assess these works and arrive at the best of the best. However, as these traditions become more entrenched over time, ultimately there comes a stage when they must be re-examined and reviewed, because what is suitable for this year or even this decade, may not be suitable for the next.

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