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Abdel Halim Nowera Ensemble for Arabic Music

The Arabic Music Ensemble was established in 1967 by conductor Abdel Halim Nowera.  With the goal of preserving and renewing Arabic music traditions, Nowera lead 50 talented singers and 40 musicians specializing in Mowashah, Taktoka, and theatrical music on international tours in Turkey, Iraq, Spain, Libya, GCC states and the USA. The group also performed in several music festivals in Carthage, Asilan, El Rabat and Paris.  Their efforts allowed them to gain popularity with a diverse audience and perform regularly in Egypt’s Dar Opera.  Nowera continued to direct the group until his passing in 1985, whereupon the ensemble was renamed in honor of Abdel Halim Nowera and his devotion to Arab music and heritage.

The Abdel Halim Nowera Ensemble for Arabic Music remains a strong force of culture and creativity under Maestro Salah Ghobashi, performing with the Arab world’s most iconic singers in shows and festivals at Cairo’s Dar Opera.

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