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Made in Bahrain: Open Call for Creatives

OPEN CALL! Designers and creatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain are invited to collaborate with local craftsmen to make their own “Made in Bahrain” products. Products will be on display at an official “Made in Bahrain” retail shop.


We invite you to showcase your innovative talents, and have paved an opportunity for you to collaborate with skilled local craftsmen. The design proposal will be approved by the Made in Bahrain committee, detailing ways of collaboration between the craftsmen of the Jasra Crafts Center and the designers/creatives themselves.



Traditional handicrafts are one of the most important elements of the intangible heritage, an exceptional material investment considering that each reproduction is unique depending on social, geographical, environmental eco-systematic factors. Cultural institutions are moving towards sustaining handicrafts, protecting them from extinction and preserving these crafts as core elements of national heritage.


Through the “Made in Bahrain” initiative, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities revisits the visual and functional identity of Bahraini handmade products as a cultural expression that has stood the test of time and is reflective of national identity.


The objectives of the “Made in Bahrain” initiative are as follows:

  • To launch a visual identity for the local crafts and creative industries.
  • To highlight the importance of crafts and handmade products as a part of the Bahraini identity.
  • To educate the audience on the different local crafts and their role in the social/communities’ development.
  • To introduce elements of modernity and sustainability to the local handmade product and promote it locally and internationally.
  • To provide support to the local craftsmen and creative industry practitioners.


The mission of the “Made in Bahrain” initiative are twofold:

- Support Creatives:

Creative industries, from craftsmen to artisans, are able to continue their traditional practices with the financial support received through this initiative.

By providing training programs and workshops, Bahrain-based creatives have the opportunity to learn these traditional skills under experienced artisans and craftsmen, thus insuring their survival. The aim of the program is transfer knowledge from a master artisan or craftsman to an apprenticeship.

- Widen Reach:

New product lines generated from this initiative will widen the potential audience base and spark interest in traditional Bahraini crafts, to be promoted locally, regionally and globally. The products are elevated to contemporary contexts, thus enabling a conversation between the designers and their more traditional counterparts.

A more comprehensive network of creatives and designers will be established, such as between local craftsmen and upcoming designers, ultimately empowering this community.


Submission Guidelines:

The application form is to be completed online on

Submissions must include:

  • A proposal in PDF format indicating: type of product, short descriptive paragraph of the product and craft, type of materials, craft employed, drawings, quantity expected, a tentative scheduled timeline, and a detailed production cost in BHD.
  • Designers/creatives must submit a prototype that illustrates the product and how their chosen craft will be included in the design and manufacturing processes.

The design proposal must be approved by the appointed Made in Bahrain committee.

For further inquiries: email us:


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Submissions are open to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Applicants must be aged 18 years or above.
  3. Applicants ensure the authenticity of their project.
  4. Form is an incomplete without a sketch and prototype for the committee to review.
  5. Acceptance of proposal is not guaranteed. The committee will review the submissions and has the right to accept or reject each proposal.
  6. Applicant will receive an email confirmation once proposal has been successfully approved.
  7. Acknowledge the intellectual property of selected & produced designs will belong to the “Made in Bahrain” initiative.
  8. Designers will receive joint authorship for the work produced with the craftsman.

By submitting the proposals, participants acknowledge that they have read and understood the application and related terms and conditions.
Participants also acknowledge that all submitted products are their own.

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