Bahrain Authority
for Culture and Antiquities

Your Destination Bahrain

The selection of “Your Destination Bahrain” as the slogan for the upcoming year was driven by our intent to promote the island, unravel its glorious past and explore its exceptional natural landscapes and its distinctive modern character. Broken into five main sections, as many as the angles of the Bahrain national flag, “Your Destination Bahrain” communicates the uniqueness of the island and the myriads of destinations and experiences it offers to its visitors.


Archaeological and historic sites, museums, traditional houses, landmarks and cultural seasons testify to the grounded heritage and cultural diversity on the island. With over 5000 years of history, the Kingdom of Bahrain is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites and a third site on the nomination list.


With regards to museums, the Bahrain National Museum was the first museum of its kind in the GCC. The need to preserve the growing collections and present it to the public stimulated the establishment of site museums and visitors centers across the island. Similarly, the historic houses preserve the urban identity of Bahrain and encapsulate the memory of its people.


The island of Bahrain was blessed with exceptional natural wealth. The abundance of sweet water, lush gardens, pristine beaches and natural reserves make of Bahrain an earthly paradise and a coveted destination. From Hawar Island and the Tree of Life to Block 338 and the Bahrain National Theatre, Bahrain offers varied experiences to its visitors all year long.


The 2016 diverse cultural program and the recurring annual events such as Spring of Culture, Bahrain Summer Festival, Bahrain Formula-1 Grand Prix, Bahrain International Music Festival, Bahrain Heritage Festival, among others, make of Bahrain Your Destination in 2016.