Bahrain Pavilion Gift Shop at EXPO 2020 Dubai: Open Call!


OPEN CALL! Designers, artists and creatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain are invited to present their products and creations at Kingdom of Bahrain Pavilion in EXPO 2020 Dubai.


We invite you to represent your creative and innovative talents at the pavilion's gift shop, an opportunity to be part of the first World Expo taking place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. The gift shop space at the Bahrain Pavilion is the ideal platform to showcase your products that represents Bahrain, and an exciting opportunity to promote and sell authentically creative products to international audiences. Join us to support the entrepreneurial spirit of Bahrain, and unveil your talents to the world.


The products on display can range from books to stationery, home and fashion accessories, souvenirs and more.


Gift Shop Overview:

The gift shop space at the Bahrain Pavilion is the ideal platform to spotlight local products from the Kingdom of Bahrain. In the context of Bahrain’s history and present, this section functions as a contemporary reflection of entrepreneurship and innovation emerging from Bahrain’s society that has helped steer it towards the future.

The pavilion explores the diverse opportunities that density creates, and a significant facet that reaffirms this notion is the vast collection of niches coexisting in this small, yet culturally rich, nation.



The application form is to be completed online on Registration Form

 Submissions must include:

-A proposal in PDF format highlighting your relevant products, accompanied by images and material.

-A brief introduction to yourself and enterprise (max 500 words).

-Products cost breakdown.


The deadline to submit to the Gift Shop open call is 30 December 2019, 11:59 p.m. (Bahrain Local Time).

 A selection of the submissions will be made by the Bahrain Pavilion committee.


For further inquiries: email us