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Five P.M. at Bab - Postponed

Music, Workshop, Family, Traditional Folklore
Bab Al Bahrain

The weekly activity “Five P.M. at Bab” returns once again for the second year in the heart of Bab Al-Bahrain, offering visitors in the area diverse cultural activities that represent the dynamics of the venue and its historical value, while targeting different age groups through the designated space, which is dedicated to practice creativity in its various forms.


6 February 2020: Traditional Folklore - Shabab Al Riffa Band

A traditional musical evening in Bab Al-Bahrain that brings us back to our local traditional folklore, taking the audience down memory lane.


13 February 2020: Workshop - A Nation’s Love: Woven Threads

In celebration of National Action Charter Day, “A Nation’s Love: Woven Threads” artistic workshop is based on using various tools on a wooden surface. Participants will be using several tools and materials to weave the wool threads and create the Bahrain Flag while incorporating its colors.

Age: 12 - 18 years

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20 February 2020:  Musical Evening – Harmony Project

A live musical performance featuring a local band, which will present a selection of contemporary music.


27 February 2020: Workshop - Art of Ebru

Art of Ebru workshop introduces participants to the basics of the of“Ebru” art which is painting on water. Participants will paint directly on water surface followed by placing a pre-decorated paper to absorb the dye, resulting in the creation of a unique painting.

Age: 18 years and above

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