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Milton Lipp - Early years of Bapco

12 January - 31 June 2020
Bahrain National Museum

Since its inception in 1929, The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) has been a cornerstone of the economy and society of Bahrain. The contribution of BAPCO exceeds that of the oil industry, and it has enabled the country to capitalize on its fossil fuel wealth, and placed Bahrain strategically on the global energy market.


Behind this company were men and women who dedicated their experience and commitment in progressing the credibility and development of BAPCO. Milton H. Lipp (1895 – 1970) was one of many men that had an impact on BAPCO during its early years.


Serving as the General Manager of BAPCO from 1939 – 1942, then in 1957 – 1960 as Resident Vice President, the company has accomplished a number of milestones that shaped the history of oil in Bahrain. This exhibition is dedicated to the life and achievements of Milton Lipp during his time in Bahrain.


His years spent in BAPCO were instrumental in developing the company’s profile, and the relationships he established with the rulers and people of Bahrain are a testament to the strong relations between Americans and Bahrainis. The collection presented in this exhibition is a generous donation from the Milton Lipp family to BAPCO.