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10 October 2017 Inauguration of “Nashaz” Exhibition at the Art Center
Inauguration of “Nashaz” Exhibition at the Art Center

The Art Center has launched the exhibition “Nashaz” on 10 October, 2017, at 7pm, in the presence of H.E Shaikha Hala Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa, Director of Culture & Arts Directorate, Bahrain artists and lovers of culture in the kingdom of Bahrain.

The exhibition is part of collective showcases initiative launched in 2015. Which involves a group of talented Bahraini artists, such as musicians, engineers, fine art painters etc. The first exhibition was held in 2015, titled “ Abstract Rhythm”, the second was in 2016 titled “Parallelism - About the things that do not meet”. The exhibition features the works of Ali Mirza, Mohammed Haddad, Maysam Al Nasser, Mariam Al Noami, and Ahmed Al Kooheji.

“Nashaz” – an Arabic word signifying the lack of harmony between sounds – is an exhibition by a group of Bahraini creative minds who produced “art installations reflecting dissonance in societies through social norms and attitudes often overseen in daily lives” but falls short of its title and objectives, simply because all the exhibits are predictable, lack depth and sophistication and are glaringly obvious. None of the art displayed prompts a question in a viewer’s mind, and most certainly don’t provide any answers either. Architect Ahmad al Kooheji argued that the artists participating in this display “shouldn’t feel dismayed though, and they most certainly celebrate this failure. Taking this as constructive criticism, they might well evolve into more sophisticated artists at some point in the future whose art can actually serve a purpose other than just filling space. “Nashaz” means swimming against the current”.

The exhibition will continue until 31 October 2017 as part of Bahrain International Music Festival 26th edition to kick off on 19 October 2017 at Bahrain National Theater with Gala Mozart: Le Concert d’Astrée at 07:00pm. Tickets are sold through the Virgin Megastore at the City Center mall or online through



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