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29 October 2017 Bahrain’s 26th International Music Festival Concludes
Bahrain’s 26th International Music Festival Concludes
The 26th annual Bahrain International Music Festival,  with numerous global acts coming in and the acclaimed ten days musical acts headlining this year’s festival representing diverse cultures and genres from the Arab world and beyond, has come to end on 28 October 2017.
The last vent of the festival was hosted by Dar Al Muharraq where  two performances highlighting the various styles of the uniquely Bahraini Fjiri  tradition, a mystical genre that traces its roots back to the island’s glorious legacy of its world-famous pearling heritage were held. In addition,  a lecture on “  An Examination of the Dialectic of Time & Space in Modern Bahraini Songs”, by Dr. Rashed Najem Al-Najem, Vice-President of Bahrain Writers Association, was also given. This lecture titled “ Fayy al barah” highlighted the meanings of time and place in the modern Bahraini song and how they became time capsules of bygone times and places due to various development factors. lovers  of Bahraini music enjoyed listening to the different variations of this traditional art such as Bahri, Hadadi, and Makhloufi.
Bahrain International Music Festival invited this year a myriad of world  shows coming from Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain and the United Sates, organized in different locations, such as the National Theater, the National Museum, the Cultural Hall , Dar al-Muharraq and the Art Center.  The 26th Bahrain International Music Festival kicked off with Gala Mozart presented by Le Concert d’Astrée, produced by  Aix –en –Provence festival, performing on the National Theater stage. Gala Mozart presented by Le Concert d’Astrée, started off their tour at the world famous Paris-based Théâtre des Champs-Elysées before they performed at the Bahrain National Theatre.
Bahrain’s 26th International Music Festival also presented  a French music night animated by “Tangomotan Quartet’ group at the Cultural Hall, mesmerizing the audience by its unique varied origins, experiences and influences of the band members seamlessly combine to form a marvelous mix of melancholy, vehemence and sweetness that add to the living history of deep-rooted Argentinian Tango genre. Lovers of flamingo will also find their satisfaction with  virtuoso pianist Manolo Carrasco, who will  take the audience on a journey through the very best of Spanish Flamenco and classical music from the 19th century to modern day with his latest project “Sounds from Spain”.
The Cultural Hall audience also attended another gorgeous musical ballet theatrical night during the festival by enjoying the amazing  “40 Rules of Love” performance ; a musical adaptation of the famous novel of 40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak and presented by the Modern Theatre Ensemble from Egypt which follows the journey of faith of the novel’s two main characters, Jalal al-Din al-Rumi and Shams al-Din Tabrizi.
In recognition to Bahrain music talents and creative musicians, the Cultural Hall hosted two distinctive music nights concerts:  the first Featuring the island’s most promising musical talents, the Bahrain Music Band led by the legend Khalifa Zeiman,  performing select classic music compositions as part of its endeavors to enrich the local art scene and represent the island on the regional and international stages. The second concert phase, portrayed as “Bahrain’s Rising Stars”, featured three well-known Bahraini Jazz bands, including the Gypsy Jazz-influenced Mohammed Rashid Trio, AQ’s smooth blend of jazz, swing, and blues-era hits featuring Abdulla Haji, and unique Jazz and Arabic/ Turkish folk music fusion by Mohammed Jabbari Band featuring Banah. With a mission to revive the unique sounds of Gypsy Jazz on our tiny little island, the Mohammed Rashid Trio attracted the attention of the audience with  the aesthetics of swing jazz with their own contemporary take. . To give it their own take, the musicians simultaneously infuse contemporary renditions of both Arabic and Western classics into the genre to produce a sound that will take you all the way back to 1930s Paris - the home of Jazz Manouche. AQ’s smooth blend of jazz, swing, and blues-era hits featuring Ahmed Al Qasim's Jazz Experience". Mohamed Jabbari Band featuring Banah (Arabic/Turkish fusion Jazz) will be all fantastic and such a nice mix of music, soul blues, jazz, pop and Arabic music.
The Cultural Hall ended its super music nights planned by the festival  program by a performed“ Portraits in Khaleeji Rhythms & Jazz”, presented by three Bahraini renowned jazz troupes, in addition to Tarek Yamani’s concert. Tarek Yamani and his ensemble performed music from their latest album “Peninsular” which explores the musical various rhythms found across the Arabian Peninsula from a unique and totally new perspective. The performance will feature a special guest appearance by Yemeni singer Adil Abdallah.
The festival then moved Bahrain National Museum where a movie screening was organized. Crescendo! The Power of Music” is a  Heartbreak and joy come in big doses in this movie that follows three budding young musical talents from troubled backgrounds - Raven, Zebediah and Mohammed – who take part in programs inspired by El Sistema, a global youth orchestra program originating from Venezuela which seeks to bring social transformation to disadvantaged children.
Celebrating Bahrain International Music Festival, Cafe Lilou joins in the festivities this year with a special menu created for the occasion and available in both Bahrain branches for the duration of the festival. The Art Center will also continue to host “Nashaz” exhibition for the 3rd successive time, grouping Bahraini creative minds getting  together to produce conceptual art installations reflecting dissonance in societies through social norms and attitudes often overseen in daily lives.  The exhibition coincides with the Bahrain International Music Festival.

Muharraq Short Film Award Participation in the 45th Fine Arts Exhibition