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30 October 2017 Mohammad Bin Faris Music Band Tour Concerts in Japan
Mohammad Bin Faris Music Band Tour Concerts in Japan

Bahrain Embassy in Japan, in cooperation with Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities, with the participation of Min-On Concert Association, organized a music concert, on 27 October 2017, in Tokyo. The event was attended by H.E Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ahmad Al-Khalifa, Director of Museums & Antiquities Directorate, who led BACA’s delegation, a selection of diplomats and ambassadors in Japan and many Japanese high-profile personalities.

Featuring the island’s most promising musical talents, the Bahrain Music Band performed a selection of Bahraini selected and composed by the group maestro, Aarif Bujeeri, and performed by famous singers and artists, such as Khalifa Al-Jumeiri, Hussein Asseri and Saad Bu Jaffal. The Bahraini band  has dazzled audiences with their fiery blend of traditional folk songs and original instrumentals that fuse local music, dances " Al Zaffan"  with  modern touches. The audience set sail with the musical sounds of Mohammed bin Faris Band in a lyrical voyage which regales audiences with tales of a pealing diver’s life from festive melodies to working songs and farewell ballads. After the first  pause, the group performed a Japanese-language song named “ Sakura”.
Speaking for the occasion, H.E Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ahmad Al-Khalifa praised the level of close cooperation and partnership between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Japan, especially in arts and culture during the recent years. H.E reminded the audience of dual concert by renowned Japanese New Age artist Missa Johnouchi, UNESCO Artist for Peace, who performed live on stage accompanied by the Bahrain Music Band in UNESCO headquarters in 2011 and in Bahrain in 2016.
Worth to mention that Mohammad Bin Faris for Khaleeji Sout music band is touring Japan from 10 October until 11 November 2017, performing  16 music concert,  as part of its endeavors to enrich the local art scene and represent the island on the regional and international stages. Indeed this concert comes as part of BACA’s strategy to showcase and enhance Bahrain’s presence on world culture and music stages worldwide and to mark the 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as the 54th Anniversary of the Min-On Concert Association.


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