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10 July 2018 Nakhool Tent Huge Public Attendance, Bahrain Summer Festival 2018
Nakhool Tent Huge Public Attendance, Bahrain Summer Festival 2018

Four weeks now since the start of Bahrain Summer Festival events, Nakhool Tent at the historical Arad Fort continues to attract a huge public visitors from all types of social categories in Bahrain who spend their summer here. Thousands from Bahrain and abroad visited the Nakhool Tent next to the Bahrain Fort site to participate in and enjoy its interactive youth-oriented edutainment program that runs for the duration of the 10th edition of the Bahrain Summer Festival from 4:00 pm-9 :00 pm.

Nakhool Tent attracts an exceptional selection of its lovers, especially those visiting the theater for its amazing shows presented since the start of the festival, whereby a periodic music shows Bahrain Police Music Band, in July and August, at 8:15, and Mohammad Bin Faris Music Band, on 13 & 17 July, serve as an attractive special events for lovers of Bahraini genuine music.

As part of BACA’s strategy to enhance International cultural cooperation and coordination with many embassies in Bahrain, a series of international shows are also planned during Bahrain Summer festival 2018, such as Malysian Zapin Dance show, a celebrated Malaysian dance style, which was once performed for royal guests , on 25-27 July at 8:15 pm and Sudanese Folklore show on 1, 3 August at 8:15 pm. Yemeni Folklore show will certainly attract the public with beautiful folk dances reflecting the diversity of the Yemeni culture. The show is scheduled on 9,7,14,16 August 2018. United Sates of America will be present in Bahrain Summer Festival with an amazing theatre show, Pinocchio, at Nakhool Tent, on 4 August 2018 at 7:00pm.

The Cultural Hall will host “Maqamat Badi’ Al-Zaman Al-Hamathani”; Moroccan comedy and Theatrical vignettes that organically and seamlessly blend various art forms with comedic situations inspired by Arabian folklore and characters such as Abu Al-Fateh Al-Iskandari and Issa bin Hisham and others on 19 July at 8:00 pm, and Moroccan theatre piece “ Bu Aleelat”, on 10 August 2018 at 8:00pm.

The Nakhool Tent will also provide a fun environment for children and adults with a full programme of interactive workshops, art and sports events and competitions with festival mascots, Nakhool and Nakhoola for over two months.

Workshops are scheduled for eight weeks, starting on 18 June until 18 August, offering young talents from the ages of 3 and up a rich and varied schedule of daily activities, workshops, and events to learn new things and develop their skills in a broad range of fields in a fun family-friendly atmosphere, including music, reading, arts and crafts, film-making, electronics and more. An adaptation by Missoula Theatre, from the USA, of one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time, the story picks up after Pinocchio was given the gift of life and follows him on a magical adventure where he learns that there are no shortcuts on the road to becoming a real, live boy.

The Nakhool Tent will also provide Kids Special Sports & Gym Corner whereby professional trainers will supervise the little ones to perform Gymnastics, Football, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Basketball. Children will also have the opportunity to enjoy the “ The Children Popular Market Corner”, whereby they will discover commerce and trading skills practised by their ancestors during July & August. Heritage exhibitions will also hosted by Events Tent; popular and folk puppets show will be presented, as well as Natural Sciences exhibition will be held during the same period.

Children “Cinema Corner” offers a series of cinema shows an cartoon series wonderfully selected for passionate kids, in cooperation with Bahrain Cinema Club, Goethe Institute screening a number of scientific movies. Al-Sharjah International Children Film festival also will take part in this endeavor, offering little ones a multitude of selected movies for those who participated in the last session of Sharjah International Children’s Film festival.

As part of BACA’s effective social responsibility role, Bahrain Summer Festival has planned this year a cultural events to all social categories, including a special corner dedicated to children with special needs. These workshops cover different children’s activities in arts, theater, literature and others.

Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities would like to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Bahrain Summer Festival’s sponsors; Middle East Medical Center, AA Car Rent company, mii2 production company, as well as its special thanks addressed to the embassies of Egypt, Morocco, Japan, Malaysia, Palestine, Indonesia, Sudan, United States of America, Yemen and Turkey. Sincere thanks are also extended to the Information Affairs Authority and all journalists for their professional festival’s media coverage, as well as to all sponsors, companies and private corporations.

Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities would like also to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to 12 government ministries and official authorities; the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Youth & Sports, The Supreme Council for Environment, Enkiro Club for Children, The Royal Charity Organization, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Al Mabarrah Al Khalifia Foundation, Bahrain University, the National Initiative for Agricultural Development, The National Institution for Human Rights and Isa Cultural Center.

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