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29 July 2019 The 11th Edition of Bahrain Summer Festival Goes On, Great number attendance at Nakhool Tent, Salman Ahmad Al Fatih, Riffa
The 11th Edition of Bahrain Summer Festival Goes On, Great number attendance at Nakhool Tent, Salman Ahmad Al Fatih, Riffa


Nakhool Tent, which is located this year near Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fatih Fort, Riffa, continued welcoming its lovers for the third successive day, registering on 29 June 2019, a huge number attendance record, given the multitude of events presented, ranging between live music shows on Nakhool tent stage to creative workshops and entertainment activities. 

The tent of Nakhool  hosted a series of workshops, such as the “ Wooden Handicrafts”, organized in collaboration with Palestinian Embassy, making and crafting special pieces like chairs, tables and swings all out of used clothing hangers. Nakhool tent also hosted The “Basics Of Arabic Sign Language”, organized in In collaboration with “ Eshara Training Centre”, “Design, Build and Play Your Own Videogame” workshop, organized In collaboration with: Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, and an educative workshop teaching  the causes of air pollution and how we can maintain the cleanliness of our air, In collaboration with: Supreme Council For Environment.

While Nakhool Tent was crowded all the time welcoming the little ones from 5:00 pm-9:00 pm, its stage was richly thriving with different shows, such as Puppet Show, presented by puppet theatre specialist, Ramadan Yousif,  presenting a series of educational and entertaining puppet shows inspired by the local heritage, animal stories, great adventures, folk tales and traditional games. This Puppet Show will carry on until the end of the festival.

Nakhool stage also hosted a music show by the Bahrain Police Music Band,  presenting a variety of musical shows that blend between military music and authentic traditional Bahraini music, followed by a Palestinian folklore dance show, performed by  Nakhool 2017 Superstar competition for young artistic talent, Palestinian Taha Rawwas for his brilliant performances of the traditional Palestinian dabkeh dance. Then the Mohammed bin Faris Band performed various types of traditional local musical genres and songs, among the most important of which is Fan Al-Sout, a distinctly Bahraini genre that recalls the island’s glorious fishing and pearling past. In addition, children also took part in the competitions organized on Nakhool stage.

The tent also has dedicated a space for sports and games, “ Safe Area”, offering children a wide open space to play football, cognitive games and enjoy the competitive enthusiastic atmosphere. Nakhool tent has not forgotten families and youth to enjoy “ Food” corner, touring the different stands offering a variety of delicious traditional Bahraini menus and foods.

Nakhool Tent lovers will have certainly enjoy  a series of new workshops running for three days, starting form  30 June 2019, such as  “Electronics and Inventions” workshop, which is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs; it is a creative-making environment that blends electronics and code. Exploring electrical programming and engineering by creating interactive games. In addition,  Recycling” workshop, which is organized in collaboration with the  Supreme Council For Environment, will teach the little ones how to protect  the environment through the reuse of used materials. Moreover, Nakhool tent, in collaboration with the  Turkish Embassy, presents “Ebru Marbling” workshop, offering kids the opportunity to learn the traditional decorative art of Ebru from Turkey, and the technique used to create this art form, while  instructor  Wassan Al-Sawad, will teach children how to prepare molds to make different shapes of Dilmun seals. They will then paint them creatively and use them to decorate several items.

Coinciding with Bahrain Culture Authority’s year-long theme “Year of Celebrations 2019”, which is dedicated to celebrate Bahrain’s historical achievements, Bahrain Summer festival will  present its usual   range of artistic activities and creative workshops for family and children in Nakhool Tent near  for a whole month ( until 27 July From 5:00 pm-9:00 pm) on a daily basis except on Sundays.

 Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities would like also to express its gratitude to the festival sponsors;  Al Baddad International company, Cebarco, Ammar Basheir Studio for Art, Design Creative company,  BAPCO,  Ebrahim Kanoo Company, as well as Alia Flowers and  AA Car Rentals. Many government ministries have contributed to the organization and success of this festival, such as Isa Cultural Center, Watani magazine, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning, the Ministry of Youth & Sports, The National Institution for Human Rights, the Southern Governorate and the Supreme Council for Environment, as well to Maestro Sound & Light company and mii2 Production company. In addition,  Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities would like would like also to take this opportunity to thank the embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Japanese embassy, Palestinian embassy, embassy of  United States, Indonesia and the Turkish embassy for their generous and valuable support and contribution to Bahrain Summer Festival events’ success.

For more information about this music concert or other events organized by Bahrain’s Authority for Culture & Antiquities, please visit our website on  or BACA’s social media website on:@culturebah.




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