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05 October 2019 Bahrain Book Award 2020 : Registration Open Until Next December, For Kuwait’s Guest of Honor writers and researchers 2020
Bahrain Book Award 2020 : Registration Open Until Next December, For Kuwait’s Guest of Honor writers and researchers 2020


Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities has announced the open registration launch of the 2020 Bahrain Book Award session. The biennial event will take place between March  and April  next year, welcoming Kuwait as the Guest of Honour. BACA announced that the  competition is now  open for registration, the authority said the prize was dedicated for all writers and researchers in Kuwait under the title “creative work in poetry or novel.”
Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities said that “Works presented from Kuwait should be handed over to the Embassy of Bahrain within the specified period for registration, which lasts till the end of December, whereby the winner will be announced at the next Bahrain International Book Fair”.

BACA has confirmed that the award shows the Authority’s dedication towards preserving and growing national literary wealth through encouraging publications of all sorts, scientific research included. Indeed, each year, the Authority picks a field theme and runs the prize accordingly. Nominated works undergo a highly selective process led by a panel of specialists. The announced Kingdom’s 2020 award for authors  will be handed out at the upcoming edition of its Bahrain International Book Fair, Bahrain’s international book fair is set to return in March 2020, bringing with it plenty of titles from a range of genres for you to enjoy. The various nominated literary and scientific works and publications will be evaluated by a jury committee that will select the winners. The Award aims to strengthen the role played by the Kingdom of Bahrain in supporting writers and publishers in the Arab world and in enriching the Arab library with books in various cultural fields.

Worth to mention  that delivery of published books by Kuwaiti writers should be addressed to  Bahraini Embassy in Kuwait City, Kuwait, at Al-Surrah, Plot 5 Al-Surrah Road, Ali Ibn Abi Talib Ave,  Villa 27, Kuwait City, Kuwait), or sent directly to Bahrain Culture Authority at BACA, B.O.X 2199, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition, participants are requested to fill an award winning application via its website before the deadline.     

Worth to mention also The Bahrain Book Award is annual award launched in 2011 in commemoration of World Book Day. Writers are entitled to apply for the Award (according to the country selected each year), given that each session of the Award is dedicated to recognize achievement in a certain cultural field that is selected by the Advisory Committee. Applicants should only submit works relevant to the field designated for each session of the Award, and irrelevant works shall not be accepted. Conditions mandate that submitted works need to be produced less than two years ahead of the Fair. Participating publications need to abide to known principles and rules of scientific research, authoring methods and ethics.  Nominated works should be published within the previous two years (from the date of the deadline of accepting nominations), and should not have won any Arab award. The writer should submit a published book written in classical Arabic. Works written in vernacular Arabic or in other languages shall not be accepted. No local dialects or informal language writings will be accepted, only classical Arabic is allowed, and the committee will not accept handwritten or typed machine productions either.




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