Bahrain Authority
for Culture and Antiquities

Years of Culture

  • Your Destination Bahrain 2016

    As the slogan for the upcoming year was driven by our intent to promote the island ...
  • Our Year of Heritage 2015

    Another fabulous year of culture has passed; a year which showcased the best of Bahrain’s heritage to the world
  • Year of the Art 2014

    Manama welcomes 2014 with an all-new theme, “Year of the Arts".
  • Manama Capital of Arab Tourism 2013

    Bahrain greets its visitors with sunshine and the aroma of its particular blend of coffee the scents of saffron and ...
  • Manama Capital of Arab Culture 2012

    Spaces of culture are varied and wide, but can be surrounded and united just like love is. Culture can push toward a far distance, and allows this land to carry its passengers’ secrets
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