Manama Capital
of Arab Tourism 2013

Manama Capital of Arab Tourism 2013

Bahrain’s uniqueness relates to its longstanding past, natural resources and multicultural society. Home to the long praised civilization of Dilmun, the Bahrain archipelago has always been assimilated with an earthly paradise and a vigorous market place. Its lustrous gardens, abundant water and exquisite pearls have always captured the attention of travelers through time. Celebrating “Manama , Capital of Arab Tourism”, the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain envisaged an array of events that reflect the rich diversity on the island. By dividing the year into 4 seasons; Cultural Tourism, Sports Tourism, Leisure Tourism and Ecotourism, we intend to draw the attention to our local Cultural Heritage, lifestyles and natural landscapes. In Bahrain, tradition meets modernity creating memorable experiences which are unique to the region and are best experienced firsthand.