April 2019

April 4:Artistic Kids Workshop – Engraving on Copper
A workshop coinciding with the launch of the 27th Annual Heritage Festival, titled "Engraving on Copper". Participating children will learn about the techniques used for decorating traditional chest using copper plates and engraving various inscriptions inspired by traditional art forms.

Registration Required


April 11: Musical Evening
A reminiscent evening filled with local musical heritage that takes the audience down memory lane.


April 18: Artistic Workshop – Art of Ebru
A workshop that will introduce participants to the basics of the traditional art of “Ebru” - painting on water. Through techniques that may seem complex, participants will paint directly on water followed by placing a pre-decorated paper to absorb the dye, resulting in the creation of a unique painting.
Registration is required


April 25: Musical Evening
A live musical performance presenting contemporary musical styles while combining Eastern and Western fusions.