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13 April 2019 The ARC-WH Organizes a Lecture on the Holy Old City of Al-Quds
The ARC-WH Organizes a Lecture on the Holy Old City of Al-Quds


The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage-Bahrain  hosts 14 April 2019  , a lecture on the Holy Old city of Al-Quds , titled Al Quds: Rights and Facts: Documenting the Properties Protecting the Heritage, by Zuhdi Badi, , specialist in IT and GIS at the Old City of Jerusalem, Revitalization Program and Khalil Tufukji, Head of Geography and Maps Department, Arab Studies Society, Jerusalem, at 11:00 am.

The cloture will shed lights on many issues related to the  safeguard cultural heritage in the old city of Jerusalem, its urban features, characters, steps and methodologies aimed at preserving, documenting properties at the Old City of Al-Quds, and how data is recoded and gathered. The lecture will also review ways and means to revitalize the city and create awareness for the community on the importance of cultural heritage and the preservation of its identity, amid Israeli occupation and settlements policies.

 Worth to mention that this is not the first lecture hosted by ARC-WH center dedicated to Jerusalem. Indeed, the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage-Bahrain, had previously hosted a series of lectures in this regard, as part of its program of lectures consecrated to Arab Cities registered on UNESCO World Heritage List, such as al Quds. In 2017, the ARC-WH dedicated the whole year-event ceremony of Arabic Language Day to Jerusalem, celebrating “ Ya Quds” slogan. 

  The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage-Bahrain  is a category 2 centre under the auspices of UNESCO, was established in Manama,  in 2012. Today the ARC-WH helps in capacity building skills for world heritage sites’ managers, spread and raise awareness about world heritage, and contribute in safeguard and protection of 84 mixed natural and cultural world heritage sites in the most of the Arab countries.   The  ARC-WH’s mission is to enhance the implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention in Arab States by strengthening the application of the decisions and Recommendations of the World Heritage Committee for the benefit of existing and potential World Heritage Sites in the Arab region, and has positively succeeded to help countries, such as Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc.





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