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01 October 2019 BACA President Receives Critic and Writer, Nader Kadhem
BACA President Receives Critic and Writer,  Nader Kadhem


H.E Shaikha Mai bint Mohammad Al Khalifa, President of Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA), received on 30 September 2019, Dr. Nader Kadhem,  critic and writer, who presented her with a copy of his latest publication  "No one sleeps in Manama."

 H.E lauded the  scientific research efforts deployed by Dr. Nader Kadhem, pointing out to the importance of enhancing the writing and publication movements in Bahrain and how it will reflect on Bahrain’s future cultural and historical status. H.E has also argued that this publication highlights the place Manama city occupies in the heart of every Bahrain, its rich historical, cultural and social heritage, adding that Bahrain Culture Authority is keen to preserve the historical city of Manama through a nomination file to UNESCO World Heritage List as a model for peace and co-existence.

Dr. Nader Kazem, new book of the biography of Manama, titled "No one sleeps in Manama." Described by Charles Belgrave as    "A city that will be for all mankind, with all the spaces of diversity and atmosphere of tolerance, freedom and openness”. Bahraini intellectual and  researcher described it as "The very Cosmopolitan city", Many ethnic groups, religions and sects of Arabs, Muslims, Monotheism, Najdah, Ehsa’yeen, Omani, Hindus, Buddhists, Sindh, Buhra, Jews, Christians, Baluchs, Baha'is and a minority of Sabians. Indeed, the dream that remained for a while not leaving the memory of many of the decedents of Manama came true after the issuance of a book documenting the deep-rooted history of this city. Surprisingly, there are writings that documented the history of many Bahraini cities and villages except Manama. He also compared it to Jaffa, Basra and the cities of the coast of Persia, and he described the merchants of Manama as "the men of the world who know the world as men".

For his part, Dr. Nader Kadhem, expressed his thanks and gratitude to H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa for relentless efforts to enhance the cultural scene in Bahrain, her constant support for researchers, writers and intellectuals, dedicating privileged space for them in all events and activities organized by BACA. Dr. Kadhem stressed also the importance of safeguarding the world heritage of historical cities, especially Manama, a city that has always been a cultural lighthouse in the region.      



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