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02 September 2019 The Art Center Cultural Activities A series of workshops in September
The Art Center Cultural Activities A series of workshops in September


The Art Center continues to enrich the cultural life in Bahrain through an array of educational and artistic activities during the whole month of September, after last August events, in cooperation with E.M. Design. The workshops will center around the basics of Epoxy materials and wood lathes. 

Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities has previously opened registry for this workshop for participants above 15 years old, who can easily login on its website and register via :

The workshop, titled “The Basics of Epoxy Materials”,   will be held on 21 September 2019, between 10:00 am- 13:00 pm will teach participants the right and types of epoxy materials and their right usage. Children will be also acquainted with the epoxy materials and given the necessary skills to equip the work environment, safety and security directives with regard to hazardous use of these materials, and how they  should be stored and used in a room temperature environment. In addition, the workshop will showcase the methods of preparing materials before applying epoxy, how to pour bars and molds, getting rid of bubbles and scratches to come up with clean perfect models and figures.  

The second workshop, titled ‘ Wood Turning Lathes”  will be held on 29 & 30 September, between 4:00 pm-7:00 pm, whereby the participants will learn to turn wood on a machine or pole lathe could become one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things in your life. Wood turning and pole lathe workshop will show you how to create beautiful shapes from lumps of wood, which you may make your own bespoke turned fruit bowl or a pair of candle sticks. You may also fancy learning the traditional wood-turning craft of bodging, which uses green (unseasoned) wood to make chair legs and other cylindrical parts for house accessories.

 The artist Ali Mashhadi, Creator of E.M. Design project and a very professional designer, will present and supervise both workshops in a very accurate creative way dealing with small miniature wood pieces. The artist passion is creating artistic and functional treasures on the wood lathe, starting with raw wood pieces, molding and Turing them into art masterpieces. 



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