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23 July 2020 H.E Director General of Culture & Arts Launches during a Field Visit, “Creative Industries” endeavor at the Industrial School in Manama
H.E Director General of Culture & Arts Launches during a Field Visit, “Creative Industries” endeavor at the Industrial School in Manama


The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities announced, on 23 July 2020, the launch of “Creative Industries” venue at the Industrial School in Manama. This came during a field visit by Her Excellency Shaikha Hala bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, Director General of Culture & Arts at the Culture Authority, to the school accompanied by representatives from the Department of Culture and Arts. The visit came after a Cabinet Minister’s decision to reshuffle Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities, transferring and placing Handicrafts Directorate under BACA’s umbrella.

Speaking for the in Bahrain. Therefore, re-placing this school and others, including all the infrastructure that comes with related to Handicrafts Directorate under the umbrella of BACA, represents a good opportunity to develop and boost the creative industries in the Kingdom of Bahrain”. H.E said that Bahrain Culture Authority strongly believes and invests in youth’s creative potential and gifts, the ability of the younger generations to develop traditional handicrafts and uplift their esteem into broader horizons, in a complete harmony between originality and modernity. 

 Speaking for the occasion, H.E Shaikha Hala bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, said: “Not only the Industrial School Manama is considered a brilliant educational icon, it stands also the symbol of historical and universal proof, witness to one of the most developed creative industries
H.E added that Bahrain Culture Authority will rehabilitate and re-accommodate the building units of the Industrial School Manama to become the headquarters’ main ’venue hosting the creative industries. BACA will also seek to rebuild the urban and historical sweet memories related to this school, the most important events known also in relation to this school, H.E inserted. H.E also pointed out that the main venue of “Creative Industries” will not simply welcome craftsmen and women, but rather all those who are working in the innovative crafts and occupations, such as fashion designers, photographers, cinema directors, architects etc. H.E inserted that the school will be at the heart of new challenging fervent cultural scene in Bahrain, and BACA is currently working on the preparations of programs and future plans to accommodate the venue with all necessary tools.  

Manama’s Industrial School witnessed the beginnings of the industrial education in Bahrain and the region in 1936, attracting over the successive years the official and civil attention and interest from Bahrain and elsewhere. In 1972, the school hosted the Industrial Education Conference, attended by Gulf Industrial University, participants from all GCC countries, British Overseas Development Institute, as well as other corporations and industrial companies. 
Manama Industrial School is considered one of the most important histocal cultural symbols and heritage landmarks in Bahrain. Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities is keen to rehabilitate the school as part of its strategy to develop the infrastructure supporting the traditional handicrafts and industries that form the important Intangible Heritage. Safeguarding, preserving and developing its functional role will certainly develop the cultural industries, which are considered the main sources of modern economy  


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