Studio 244

biggest unit under the Studio 244 umbrella; this unit is designed with large windows on all four facades. This are will act as a multipurpose/communal space for art, environment, education, NGO’s, etc…


This 240sqm unit is equipped with special gallery lights, enabling it to host art exhibitions, installations, site specific art interventions and more.


The lights and large scale windows, make the place ideal for special production plays, musicals and performance arts.


The unit can also host talks, seminars, meetings and lectures.


What makes this unit special is the spiral ladders on each side of the entrance leading to the roof. The access to the “roof” opens the way to have movie screenings, performances and light shows that could be seen by the passersby.



Units 17 & 19

These units have been modified to have natural and specific lights suitable for artists/artisans/designers. The units will serve as working studios for an annual residency programme whereby artists will work, engage with the surrounding, provide workshops and open studios and community events.



Public Art

As a part of beautifying the public areas of Bahrain, specially in the areas closer to prominent roads and airports, BACA has commissioned Bahraini sculptor Ali AlMahmeed to propose site-specific Public Piece for Arad bay.


Two models of one of Bahrain’s most well-known seabirds, the Cormorant. The location also allows visitors’ interaction. We seek to highlight the local birds for which Bahrain has become famous, particularly those species which are facing the threat of extinction.