The Art Centre

Lulwa Al Khalifa

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I am a self-taught painter. I have never had a formal education in art, but I have always had a deep passion for it. My work is contemporary and mostly abstract. I paint alla prima and my paintings are always oil on canvas. I love the texture and vibrant colors of oil paint. Everything inspires me, from Dali to an Aerosmith guitar riff, to a bird on my balcony. To me painting is a visceral pursuit. I try not to overthink my process and I paint what I feel when I'm facing the canvas. I am not intimidated by a blank canvas, in fact it fills me with possibilities. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone. Today art is weighed down by exclusion and pretension that defies it's true purpose. Art should inspire, evoke, provoke and delight. In art every opinion is valid and no expertise is absolute.

Selected Works