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Bahrain Summer Festival

As part of country's continued success and achievement in all fields, Bahrain Summer Festival endeavors to excel through its events program, exceptional local and international shows are presented  during a whole month every year to an admiring public. Young Bahrainis are also being treated to a dazzling display of performing arts; they're taking part in a summer festival aimed at opening their eyes to home-grown and international culture. The Nakhool City,  which holds a variety of children’s activities and workshops is  hosted by a different location very summer session.  Through  Bahrain Summer Festival, the Ministry of Culture is launching a showcase of Bahrain’s folk music in a series of open air shows at some of the island’s best known sites. The aim is to boost tourism and trade at the same time as educating the public about the kingdom’s rich tradition of music and dance. Well-known local folk bands perform songs and dances traditionally used to mark important occasions such as the pearling and fishing seasons.