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The Enchanting Harmonica Music: Hong Kong Harmonica Association

Orchestra, Concert
4 October 2017, 8:00pm
Cultural Hall

International award-winning musicians from the Hong Kong Harmonica Association will bring to the Kingdom of Bahrain, as part of the Chinese Cultural Days, a wonderful evening of enchanting harmonica music.  The concert will embrace traditional Chinese music, Hong Kong Canto-Pop music to original harmonica compositions by elite Hong Kong composers.  Programmes include the Butterfly Lovers Story, Voices of the Mountain, May Consolation, Seasons of the Wind, Under the Lion Rock etc. The concert will embrace music in three facades representing various Chinese and Hong Kong local culture: Traditional Chinese music; Original compositions by Hong Kong composers; and Hong Kong Canto-Pop music.  Moreover, to showcase the unique art form of the harmonica, the performance will include various combinations ranging from solo, duet, ensemble to orchestra which will certainly give the audiences a remarkable music journey.