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16 November 2019 H.E Shaikh Rachid Bin Khalifa Exhibition, Berlin
H.E Shaikh Rachid Bin Khalifa Exhibition, Berlin


His Excellency Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Honorary President of the Bahrain Arts Society, presented, during a press conference and the opening of "Transverse Wave" exhibition in Berlin held on 15 November, with the participation of, along with German artists, at the me Collectors Room Berlin. The exhibition, officially welcomed its guests on 16 November 2019,  will continue until 31 January 2020, presents artworks that reflect the idea of transverse wave, that resembles the overlap of two different cultures and visions.

 The Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities is delighted that the voice of Bahraini artists is in line with the international movement of contemporary art. Indeed, BACA stated that  the me Collectors Room Berlin presents two artists who were not only socialized in different cultural realms; they also approach their artistic work from opposite ends of the spectrum. Whereas Bauermeister’s work is composed of found, mostly organic materials that nonetheless were previously involved in both natural and social processes, H.E Shaikh Rachid Al Khalifa uses synthetic materials derived from the industrial realm. Because of their consistent, gridded structures and the selected substances, his objects suggest a Minimalist aesthetic with an austere seriality. Bahrain Culture Authority took pride in H.E Shaikh Rachid Al-Khalifa’s participation in major international art events, reflecting the modern developing plastic art movement in the Kingdom of Bahrain and its leading pioneers. 

Worth to mention that H.E Shaikh Rachid Al Khalifa, a prominent name in the art scenario of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has completed half a century in his artistic journey which includes more than seventy solo exhibitions of his pure artistic expressions since 1970. The art got chiseled and developed into many captivating canvases as landscapes that exemplified the beautiful luminosity and mysterious spatial effects of the desert. H.E showcased his magnificent art in major international art exhibitions held in Switzerland, UAE, Russia, Paris, Ireland, China, USA, Egypt, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Britain. His palmeres of awards and prizes include, among others, the GCC Golden Palm Award and  GCC Dana Award.