Hall of
Dilmun Graves

The Hall of Dilmun Graves

The refurbishment of the Bahrain National Museum Hall of Dilmun Graves has finally come to a completion thanks to the generous support of the private sector.  After almost 5 years of work, the fully remodelled hall opened to the public on 26 June 2018. The new display was designed to keep up with the latest developments in the museum field and to provide a new enhanced and engaging museum experience while respecting the Bahrain National Museum mission statement.

Designed by French architect Didier Blin, the new Hall of Dilmun Graves preserved the original reconstitution of the Dilmun Burial Mounds that were the focus of the first exhibition, while enhancing the presentation and interpretation of the collection and introducing new multimedia installations. In addition to displaying the latest results of excavations, the new exhibition has been curated to engage a wider audience and to create a clear itinerary that focuses on the burial traditions from the Dilmun period and that allows the visitor to understand the historic value and uniqueness of the iconic Burial Mounds of Bahrain - currently listed on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage list.
Scientific Curators:

  • Dr Pierre Lombard, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities and CNRS (Lyon)
  • Dr Nadine Boskmati-Fattouh, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities
  • Assisted by the Bahrain National Museum team

Scientific Consultants:

  • Dr Steffen Laursen, Head of the Oriental Department at Moesgaard Museum - Denmark
  • Dr Alexis Boutin, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Sonoma State University - USA
  • Dr Bérénice Chamel, Associate Researcher at the Archeorient Laboratory in Lyon - France
  • Dr Gordon Davis, Cultural Advisor at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities


  • Didier Blin - France

Artefacts Mounting:

  • Ainu - France

Digital Media Installations:

  • La Méduse – France
  •  Nooran Pictures - Kingdom of Bahrain (The Dilmun Burial Mounds: A Local Perspective)

Graphic Design:

  • Noémie Lelievre- France

Lighting Design:

  • Alexis Coussement- France


  • Showcases and graphic production - Kibox (Italy)
  • Handrails and metal work - Influence Métal (France)
  • Model -Atelier Forma Urbis (France)
  • Implementation of the design  -Cityneon (Kingdom of Bahrain)