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Zuhair Al Saeed

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Al –Saeed abstract works reflect the real woman who reflects advanced social types. Through his outstanding skills, he can mold the material at hand and convey his intellectual message, his aspirations for beauty, sincere and genuine refined emotions. The artist succeeds in doing this without going through the toughness of experience and the artist’s conflicts with his surface. On the contrary, we notice that Al-Saeed surpasses these stages to touch spontaneity, similar to that of childhood, and reaches milky way of pure beautiful ideas. Al-Saaed explores worlds universal human values, heals many distorted and conceived prejudices to reflect the new modern project of a good artist. Al-Saaed’s modern human project is deeply-anchored in his reality, but flying over the new dimension of beauty, rainbow-colors and bright tomorrow, giving thus the receiver a glimmering hope, and protecting him form the bleak reality of daily hurdles and difficulties of despair.

Selected Works