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15 March 2021 Food is Culture Third Event Features Nutritionist Tabea Lutz, and Artist May Hejiri at “Archaeologies of Green” in Muharraq
Food is Culture Third Event Features Nutritionist Tabea Lutz, and Artist May Hejiri at “Archaeologies of Green” in Muharraq


The annual “Food is Culture” festival in its sixth consecutive year continues to bridge the culinary arts with other creative mediums, featuring in its 3rd event, nutritionist and creator of Isolated Eats Tabea Lutz, and artist Mai Hejiri. The beautiful encounter will take place on 20 March 2020, at 6:00 pm at “Archaeologies of Green” in Muharraq.
In conformity with the precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) approved by the Bahrain Ministry of Health, all “Food is Culture” festival aforementioned events require pre-registration. To attend any of the aforementioned events, please visit  for information on registration.

The amazing duel will showcase their creative visual artistic inspirations and tasty recipes in this event.  Indeed, Tabea Lutz, who has been in the fitness industry for some time, and is a certified nutritionist, has created  Isolated Eats, where she shares colorful plant based, nutritious recipes, and useful tips on how to live off whole foods. Tabea strives to guide others on their personal health journeys to sustainability and improve their quality of life. On the other hand, May Hejiri is an emerging Bahraini artist who has experimented with multiple mediums before finding her place in painting. Her studio became the embryo for a rich and exciting artistic journey and  Hejiri’s work primarily utilizes acrylics, oil pastels and charcoal, often at the same time, reflecting on the daily trials and tribulations of life which takes shape as her “moon people”.

In addition, Food is Culture festival offers its loyal audience a unique opportunity to explore the genuine authentic various delicious recipes of Manama city, through a tour by One of Bahrain’s most prominent food bloggers, Zainab Akbar, will lead food tours, taking those who join these events, all which require registration, a trip into the local flavors that make up the nation’s culinary palate. Founder of TheFoodMenu, Akbar, has scheduled two tours adjacent to this year’s Food is Culture, whereby the second food tour of Muharraq on March 13, the second is a food tour of Manama on March 19, between 6-9 pm. To attend this entertaining tour, please register via BACA’s official website.

The local learning platform Maximize will be offering a range of cooking workshops in celebration of Food is Culture. Lulwa Suwailah, who had previously presented her food masterpieces, will be hosting her workshop on March 15, 2021, presenting to the public attending the best ways to cook Bahraini Machboos Rubyan (rice with shrimps) in a modern way. Furthermore, chef Zahraa Alherz will host her virtual cooking workshop on March 20, 2021, teaching participants how to make biscuit using her recipe of fermented baked bread. Participants, who wish to take part in these interactive virtual lessons, are requested to register via Maximize learning platform, which will delivers the necessary ingredients to make the desired tasty and delicious recipes.  

The Kingdom of Bahrain participated in Expo Milano 2015, with a national pavilion “Archaeologies of Green” and was transferred later The House of Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, to enrich the cultural infrastructure of the city of Muharraq.  The exhibition is a poetic interpretation of the cultural agrarian heritage of the country, which stems from the ancient civilization of Dilmun. With ten distinctive fruit gardens, the pavilion also features archaeological artifacts that perpetuate the many myths of Bahrain as the location of the Garden of Eden. The pavilion won the silver prize for architecture award.

For more information on the festival and its activities, please visit the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities’ website  or follow the Culture Authority’s accounts on the social media @culturebah.