The Market

The Market


Al-Heef Coffee

Traditional Arabic gahwa (coffee) holds a special place in the hearts of Bahrainis and Arabs. It is served at special occasions and casual social gatherings. Al-Heef Coffee is renowned for its special blends from original Arabic coffee to royal spiceinfused coffee.

Al Jaser Factory

Al Jaser Factory

Established in 1978, Al-Jaser is best known for the extraction of pure palm water from Bahrain’s bountiful palm trees. Palm water, locally known as Ma’a Luqah, is used as home remedies and as a popular additive to teas and local drinks. Their wide range of products includes pressed rose, orange blossom, and mint water.

‌‌Al-Noor Dates

Al-Noor Dates

Specializing in selling delicious traditional Arabian dates, a staple of the Arabian Peninsula diet, Al-Noor Dates offers a splendid collection of the highest quality Bahraini dates and date-related products, from sweets to pastries and more.

‌‌‌Areej Perfumes



Bahrain has long been a thriving commercial hub thanks to its strategic position at the crossroads of ancient main trading routes, with perfumes and fragrances among the commonly traded goods. Bukhoor continues that heritage with their selection of quality incense and other traditional fragrances.



The design process begins with selecting the perfect fabric, the foundation of all beautiful traditional dresses and locally known as “jalabiya”. These contemporary materials are suitable for homedecorations as well. A large selection of designs with different colors, patterns and prints to satisfy all creative needs is offered at the market.



Haraka is a Bahraini found brand of watches and accessories designed locally. The collection is inspired by the Bahraini culture and society.

‌‌Her Art Gallery

Her Art Gallery

Her Art Gallery designs several heritage goods reflecting Bahraini culture on different mediums such as tea cups, pots and other home accessories.



Mashmoom natural beauty product is a Bahraini local business that uses chemical free ingredients to produce organic scrubs and natural creams with the essence of local flowers such as Jasmine, Muhamedi flower and other exotic flowers.

‌‌Um Aziz Spices and Achar

Spices and Achar

Renowned for its wide variety of delicious national dishes and sweets, spices used in Bahraini cuisine illustrate the influences of neighboring cultures on the country. The finest varieties of these spices can be found here, at Spices and Achar.



A very stylish and trendy designed rosaries (Mesbah) for your phones. As we all know people are  addicted to their mobile phones, so why not sabeh in style, while using your phone.


Al Dana Cold Store

Go back in time in this local cold store ,known as ”barada” that stocks its shelves with various kinds
of vintage potato chips, chocolates, sweets, drinks, and other products that children used to spend
their allowances on back in the day.


Ka shkool

Kashkool is a stress relief coloring book that contains pages from the culture and heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is used for coloring and writing. The book is locally by talented Bahraini youth.



Mirrari was born to share with both Bahrain and the rest of the world, an instant captured in time, engulfing Bahrain’s beautiful nature. From seeds to flourishing plants, the stages of development are unique and integral in the process of blooming. From Mirrari’s garden, grows the most breathtaking photos which are then translated into home accessories ranging from coasters to trays and pillows.