Bahraini halwa is a famous traditional sweet in the GCC. It consists mainly of starch, sugar, and oil, with nuts, saffron, rose water, and cardamom. The Shuwaiter family is considered the most famous in this industry, which goes back to more than 200 years, as per the dated vessels in the Bahrain National Museum.

Ice Cream Al-Taybeen

Ice Cream Al-Taybeen

Popular in the 1960’s, this ice cream is made with basic ingredients found in local markets and typically served in small plastic bags. This sweet treat has made a comeback of late thanks to local homebased artisans who created flavors that include vanilla, mulberry, mango ,Oreo, Lotus and more.

‌‌‌Um Juma Traditional Food

Um Juma Traditional Food

Traditional savory food prepared and served by a Bahraini family. The dishes selected are unique to the region and have been an essential part of the Bahraini cuisine, such as harees, mathrooba, margoog, and more.

Haleeb Um Ebrahim

Chai Haleeb Um Ebrahim

Chai Haleeb is Arabic for tea and milk, one of many traditional hot drinks enjoyed by the locals in Bahrain. There are many variations to the basic formula that now includes local ingredients such as almond,saffron, dried roses, pistachios, cardamom, and chia seeds.


Halwachi Sweets

Halwachi is one of the most known names in Bahraini sweets industry. They have developed to match the modernity of our time and offer popular sweets in innovative ways while preserving the original and delicious taste of these sweets.


Lolly Cakes and Canapés

Lolly Cakes and Canapés owner became famous by creating an exclusive Bahraini exclusive sweet the «Mini Reqaq”, followed by more products with a unique presentation and taste, that suits all occasions. The demand increased from GCC customers and now it is considered a Bahraini souvenir to many.


Fand ée’s

Fandée’s Ice Cream is a Bahraini brand and concept that places emphasis on high quality ingredients that are imported from Italy and makes premium ice cream for qualityconscious consumers who appreciate refinement and variety in flavor. The brand carried ice cream with authentic Arabic flavors and experiments with traditional Bahraini sweets and traditional treats.



Located in West Riffa, Yeddedah Kitchen is an an upscale traditional Arabic restaurant built on the experience of legendary Middle East Hotel head chef. Yeddedah plans on bringing the best of local Arabic dishes with a modern fusion twist for takeaway orders or catering services.



Gastro St. is a modern twist on urban street food. The bus travels around the island offering urban street food developed with a fascinating experience for people to dine inside a bus. Nowadays People are more time-starved than ever and mobile food will serve that need. It’s a fundamental thing that never goes away



Namlait is the original local Bahraini fizzy drink and first of its kind in the GCC. Known since the 1950’s, it preceded the more famous global fizzy drink brands and came in many flavors and colors. Its name is a derivation of the English word “lemonade”, and was also known as “buteelah” and “tash ma tash”.

Heritage Corner

Heritage Corner

A nostalgic floor seating area for Bahraini women dressed in traditional wear, preparing some of the most delicious classic crowd pleasers including fresh Rgag bread with different fillings, Luqaimat, Khanfaroosh, and more.


Bu Khalaf Cafe

Muharraq’s most popular meeting point, Bu Khalaf’s café dates back to the 1930’s when fishermen and divers gathered at the cafe to share their adventures at sea. Bahraini appetizers, Arabic coffee, flavorful teas and great hospitality is what Bu Khalaf has to offer.



Established in the 1920’s, the family-run Naseef’s ice cream is one of Bahrain’s best kept secrets. Discover the range of flavors during the 25th Heritage Festival. Don’t miss out on the local favorite: Mango!


Saffron by Jena

A place where time and tradition stand still, preserving the true essence of Bahraini cuisine. With Saffron, hospitality is key in transporting guests to a different era.



Nothing beats some authentic Bahraini dishes with a twist. Darseen will be serving things such as Samboosa filled Chapatis with the famous Oman Chips, along with Bahraini Kabab filled Chapatis. Other on-the-spot innovative dishes will also be available.