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Mailing of submissions & Deliverables

Regarding the submissions, the package we are sending is supposed to have the names of the sender on it. This is a requirement of both the Post Office and the courier services. Since our names should not appear anywhere on the submission material, should we avoid somehow writing our names on the package?
It is not a problem for the names to appear on the package, but they should NOT appear on the A2 panels.

Is there any specific format for the name of the project or is it free? (i.e. only numbers, maximum length, etc). And, should be located as well as the "BAB Competition" phrase in any particular place of the panels?
No there isn't any specification in format; the name of the project should appear on the bottom right corner of the 2nd A2 panel.

Is there any specific format or maximum length for the descriptive text?
The text should be a maximum of 1,500 words.

Should we send the panels through mail, e-mail or deliver them to the ministry of culture itself?
The submission should be sent by registered air mail to the Ministry of Culture and should arrive before February 1st 2012.

Is it mandatory to submit the model or not? if so what is the scale required for submission?
The model is mandatory; it does not have a defined scale as it is a conceptual model which should represent the conceptual stance of your project.

Should we come up with ideas and concepts only or full design project with full drawings (plans, sections, elevations and 3D)?
It is an ideas competition, so you are free to decide which level of detail your submission should reach.

The 2 submitted A2 panels should be printed or submitted in a CD only?
The A2 panels should be printed AND submitted as a soft copy on a CD.

What are the mailing address and the phone number? Couriers do not ship to P.O. Box addresses.

The mailing address for couriers is:

Ministry of Culture
BAB competition
c/o Mr. Ridha Khurshid
Bahrain National Museum
Building 455 Road 2209
Block 322, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain

T: +97317298777
M: +97336364366

Is the physical model required to be delivered or images of the model suffice?
It is preferable for the model to be delivered.

Is there a default layout for the A2 panels? (e.g. placement of labeling with the name of the competition “BAB competition” and the name of the project)
The name of the competition should appear on the bottom right corner of the 2nd A2 panel.

Should the name of the project obey any rules? (e.g. maximum number of characters or words)
The name of the project does not need to obey any rules, but it should reflect the conceptual stance of the project.


Should the "separate sealed envelope labeled with the name of your project, [including] a letter which contains all the names and contact information of the participants" be mailed separately? Or in a general envelope, containing the sealed envelope and the deliverables? In that case, how should the general envelope be labeled?
The "separate sealed envelope labeled with the name of your project, [including] a letter which contains all the names and contact information of the participants" can be included in a general envelope that should be labeled with BAB competition.

When will the jury come to a decision?
The jury will come to a decision on the 16th of February 2012.
The people's choice award will be decided on the 1st of March 2012.

Site limits and surroundings

There is a discrepancy between the site limits shown on the JPEG and the
ACAD file. Which one governs?
The limits on the JPEG are the correct boundaries; we apologize for the discrepancy between these two documents.

Is it possible to add in the proposal an extension of zone 3 to the Bahrain Financial Harbor and the King Faisal cornice water front?
Yes, this will be viewed positively.

Should the proposal take into consideration demolishing, renovation or elevation enhancement of the buildings encasing the site?
It is not mandatory, but will be viewed positively.

Is there an image or a built up model that shows how the BAB will look after renovation works?
Yes, please find a render of the image.

What is the maximum height allowed for buildings on the plot?
The maximum height of the buildings on the plot is left to the judgment of each participant.

Can you provide us with the topography of the land?
The land can be considered to be flat in this area.

It is stated in the competition brief that vehicular access will be introduced to the souks via the Bab's archway; will that be via the government avenue?
Yes, vehicular traffic through Bab Al Bahrain's archway will be trough Government Avenue.

Is a 3D CAD file of the site and its surrounding area available?
No, unfortunately this is not available but can be reconstituted with the help of the site images.

Parking Spaces

How many cars should we account for in our design of the parking?
The parking spaces should account for approximately 600 parking spaces.

Is there any limitation to include in the proposal an underground floor for the parking spaces?
No, there aren't any limitations.

Are underground parking facilities allowed?
Yes, they can be envisaged.

Do I need to provide an entrance to the parking of Regency Hotel?
Yes, this is necessary.


Additional Infrastructure

Additional infrastructure should be placed in the project, like the relocation of Manama Post Office, National Archives and Children's Museum. For the National Archives and the Museum, is there an approximately required surface?
The approximate required surface is 2,500 m2 for the National Archives and 2,000 m2 for the Children's museum.

Considering the importance of the square and its relationship with the sea, are participants free to propose some kind of connection between the project and the Bahrain Harbor?
Yes this will be viewed positively

Is the design of the museum and post office part of the scope or indicative volumetric allocation is enough?
An indicative volumetric allocation is sufficient as this is an ideas competition.

What specific "other programs which are thought to be relevant and will add to the liveliness of the site" are expected?
This is left to the discretion of each participant.

We have read from online sources that the post office will be renovated in the future, so can we consider shifting the post office to a new location as mentioned in the competition website, or shall we keep it where it is, since it holds a historical value?
As mentioned in the competition guidelines, the post office can be relocated.

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