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The requested deliverables for the competition are:

• 2 A2 Panels showing the conceptual stance of the project, diagrams, visuals, plans and sections. Panels should be oriented vertically

• A conceptual model of the proposal (free choice of dimensions and materials)

•A descriptive text must accompany the graphic materials

•A CD containing a PDF of the 2 panels (300 dpi) as well as the descriptive text.

•All submission materials should be labelled with the name of the competition “BAB competition” and the name of the project.

 Please DO NOT include the name of the participants on the submissions.

 BAB is an anonymous competition, do not include your name on any of the submitted material. Please label all your submissions with the project name.

In a separate sealed envelope labelled with the name of your project, please include a letter which contains all the names and contact information of the participants.

Submissions which include the name/s of the participants will not be considered.



Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Culture Manama Capital Of Arab Culture 2012