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1st Prize/ Pearl Dive  

Lukas Lenherr Switzerland

$ 15,000
This project was awarded the first prize because it went beyond the limitations of the Bab al Bahrain site and explored new frontiers for an urban proposal.
While it completely disregards the conventions on public water accessibility, it offers a convincing urban attractor through a very simple and radical gesture of inversion. The collage of ordinary programs, through their careful assembly, create a powerful urban device. The jury appreciated the simplicity and power of the proposal, supported by a very precise architectural expression which was reduced to its strict intentions.

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2nd Prize/ Two Rooms

Baukuh and Guido Tesio  Italy

$ 10,000
Members of the jury were intrigued by the architect's decision to break down the site into two smaller components - one responding to the context of Bab al Bahrain and the other to the larger open space. Working within the existing urban pattern, the project creates a sense of curiosity with elements of surprise introduced at an urban level, creating an introverted version of a public plaza. Once more, the jury was impressed by the clarity of the proposal and its conciseness. Although it is a very architectural proposal it creates a new typology for public space within the city.

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3rd Prize/ New Times Square

Partizan Publik and DUS architects / partners in OPEN COOP
Hans Vermeulen, Hedwig Heinsman, Inara Nevskaya, Christian Ernsten, Koen Elzerman, Soraya Ghezelbash, Boudewijn van Diepen


$ 5,000
Through a very pragmatic approach to what citizens expect from a public space, this proposal did not exclude any element of public life and instead embraced all those elements with a particular focus on the automobile. It allows for a self-programming of the space through its undetermined state and offers through very little means an immediate and feasible response to the site and acknowledges the importance within the city of the immaterial means of communication.

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Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Culture Manama Capital Of Arab Culture 2012